Selling Asian Antiques on Consignment

Selling Asian Antiques on Consignment

Inheritance, Downsizing, Estate Settlement of Asian Antiques

Selling Asian Antiques on Consignment
Selling Asian Antiques on Consignment

Most folks looking to sell part of, or all of a collection of antiques do so in an effort to liquidate an inheritance, downsize a bit after they themselves have collected for years or are settling an estate. It is our hope here to show how easy it a task it can be if you're considering selling Asian antiques on consignment.

While the acquisition side of antiques can be fairly straight forward, knowing and understanding how to most efficiently sell an object  or group of objects is another matter.  In the current market following the meteoric rise in the prices of Asian antiques, Chinese works of art in particular, knowing what to do and how requires another set of skills beyond that of most collectors and heirs.  

The Rapid Rise of Chinese Antique Values 

In the last 35 years, no category of antiques and art have risen as rapidly as those of Chinese decorative objects and art. The leap quite obviously has been driven entirely by the rise in China's expanding economy.  Trade with the west and progressive changes within the country have enabled increased free trade by Chinese nationals. 

As a result, China today is the single largest market on earth for art in dollar volume over any country in the world, including the United States. Spending in China has eclipsed all of the auction houses,
plcombs Asian Art, Gloucester Massachusetts

plcombs Asian Art, Gloucester, Massachusetts

galleries and antiques dealers from New York to Los Angeles. China is the epicenter of art globally today.  

How we at: "plcombs Asian Art" can help you

For over 35 years we've been appraising, buying and selling Asian antiques and works of for people from Boston's North Shore to California and Europe. 

During this time we've sold objects to quite literally thousands of collectors and specialist dealers globally including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and throughout Europe. Very often on consignment for heirs and executors referred to us by attorneys, auctioneers, appraisers and antiques dealers. Many of our current customers are also the children of original clients we worked with decades ago.
*Our commission rates are very competitive, usually 20% to 40% below the major auction houses.

About "Selling Asian Antiques on Consignment"

Consignment selling is a very straight forward proposition. We come to you, examine the objects you are concerning yourself with. We can tell you about them, how old they are, discuss condition, rarity, values and then delve into the various options for their disposition. 

Should you decide you engage our service in selling them for you, we charge a commission rate on a sliding scale depending on values. We do provide all of this in writing, in simple English, including payment arrangements following completion of a transaction your behalf. 

After we accept a Consignment 
We set about to do exactly what we promised to do. Whether we agreed to a set price transaction, a negotiated price or to arrange for consignment to an appropriate auction gallery. It may also be a combination of venues, depending on each item's best market for the best price. 

Upon completion of each sale we provide a copy of each transaction receipt, photo copies of the checks and a check payable to you for the amount due to you.

For more about us you can also visit our other site,
Bidamount is a site we built with eBay as their Partner to aide in the promotion of over 125 fine Asian art dealers around the world. We have another profile there as well under Who Is Bidamount. Today, it is ranked number ONE globally for Asian art on the eBay.  
plcombs New England Dealers in Asian AntiquesIf you're in the EU and need to speak to someone locally, let us know, we'll be happy top refer you to some excellent experienced dealers near you. Our current network contains over 125 active specialist dealers.

Have a question? Feel free to call or eMail us.

Thank you, Peter Combs

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