Ming Qing Period Reign Marks

Ming and Qing Period Reign Marks

And authentic examples on period examples BELOW the two charts for reference, Both Ming and  Qing examples.

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Bellow are charts for both Ming and Qing Period reign marks , as well as authentic examples that can be found on porcelains from the periods. While some variations of style do exist, they are in general fairly consistent through most periods. Reign marks do not always indicate the authenticity of the pieces being examined. This page is intended to serve only as a guide when all the other criteria for an items authenticity has been decided.

Ming Period Reign Marks and Dates:

Ming and Qing Period Reign Marks
Ming Period Reign Marks

Qing Dynasty Reign Marks and Dates:

Qing Dynasty reign Marks
Qing Period Reign Marks

The Cyclic Calender 
Chinese Calender

Bases and Objects with Authentic Ming Reign marks
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Ming and Qing Period Reign Marks


Qing Dynasty reign marks.

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