About Us, Chinese Antiques, Consignments, Dealers Appraisers

Chinese Antiques, Consignments, Dealers Appraisers

About, plcombs Chinese Antiques

Buying, Selling and Dealing in Asian Art in Gloucester, Mass? You bet!

We deal almost exclusively in Estates and Collections of Asian Art

What we can Do For You

  • Appraisals, for insurance and estate settlement 
  • Consignment, collections and individual items sold on on commission.
  • Buying, we are always interested in making outright purchases of of fine Asian Antiques and art. porcelains, paintings, silks, jade carvings, bronzes and fine hardwood carvings. 


  • Written appraisals for estates, insurance and charitable giving.


  • We welcome consignments of single items or large collections of Asian antiques. Our commission rates are highly competitive and with almost 40 years in the business we will make the entire process easy and stress free. 

Collections bought outright:

  • If you would prefer, we can of course buy your items outright, single items or very large collections. 
All inquiries are welcome and are handled with total discretion. 

More About us

 plcombs Asian Antiques, Gloucester, Massachusetts 

For over 3 decades we've been buying, selling, auctioning and appraising Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other objects from Asia. Starting in the 1970's here in the Boston area buying and selling China Trade items of the 18th and 19th C. and gradually moving quite happily into objects more inline with Chinese and Asian taste.

About Us, Dealers & Appraisers, plcombs
Gloucester Harbor, Circa 1930
While it may seem odd for some that we're based here on the coast in Gloucester, Massachusetts its actually an optimal location due to it's proximity to New York as well as the Boston area.

I was also born and raised on the North Shore just down the coast a short way in Marblehead, Mass.

New England is  particularly rich in things from Asia due to our long history of trade with that part of the world starting in the late 18th C. . Its also a terrific place to live and raise a family. When you can live on the New England coastline, enjoy fabulous seasons and have a good business you love, what could be better?

Do you have a collection of a few things? Or perhaps thousands?

Chinese Porcelain, Pottery, Paintings, Bronzes and Jade
During our business history we've worked with estate attorneys, museum curators, executors, private collectors and dealers in buying, selling and arranging for the sale of collections of all sizes.

Over the years we've discovered stunning rarities in estates tucked away in basements and closets for families in the process of down-sizing or heirs who've inherited collections or single objects and would rather "cash-out" and use the money for something else...

So feel free to contact us with any questions. Our contact information is in the image above.

We've handled things worth in the low hundreds of dollars, as well as things well into the millions of dollars for our customers. Many customer's have been with us for going on two generations.

It seems everything  we do has always been interesting regardless of value. As a result of our reputation and longevity,  people throughout New England including auctioneers, lawyers and executors have come to rely on us for help and advice in dealing with objects from the Far East.  

Chinese Robe, 18th C.
We can help educate you about what an item is worth, how to insure it, how to get it shipped, as well as advise you in the best way to sell it if its come time to do so.

We're familiar with all forms of :
Porcelains, Bronzes, Jades, Silks, Carvings from Ivory to Rhino Horns, Paintings, Silk Robes and textiles, Carpets, Bamboo work, and pretty much anything else you can think of.


If you have questions about your Chinese and Asian objects or would like to discuss selling them outright or brokered by us on a consignment basis, please feel free to call or email us. 

Many thanks,  

Peter L. Combs

PLCOMBS Asian Antiques
185 Main Street, 
Gloucester, MA 01930

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Plcombs Asian Art, Chinese Antiques Dealers
plcombs, Asian Art, Chinese Antiques, Dealers | Appraisers

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