Selling Chinese Porcelain and Art Collections, From Boston to Shanghai

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"Selling Chinese Porcelain and Art Collections, From Boston to Shanghai"

Chinese porcelain collections appraised-bought-sold

Kangxi Period Blue and White Bowl, 

From a British Collection.
Sent to us in the USA and sold in three weeks.

"We Buy, Sell and Broker on Consignment from Boston's North Shore"

A New England Dealer in Chinese Antiques Selling collections of Chinese and Asian art for fair market value has always been a challenge, even for experienced collectors. After all buying is much easier than selling. 

We've been buying, selling and brokering Asian antiques for over 30 years. Our customers today number nearly 5,000 globally, ranging from museums and institutions to collectors and specialist dealers. 

We've handled modest collections of just a few things to collections numbering nearly 6,000 items including porcelains, bronzes, jades, carvings and textiles. 

A Couple Items or Thousands? Either are ok....

Handling collections and making smart decisions is even more difficult for those who inherit them. Especially if its a collection with many pieces which can range into the hundreds and even thousands of examples over a lifetime of enthusiastic collecting. 

Contents of a local Estate

Huang Huali Box, Famille Rose Vase,
Wine Cups and Bowls, Yixing Enamel
Tea Pot, 19th C. Shallow Bowl, Jade
Rope twist Bracelet. all 19th C. 

While collectors may know a dozen or so other collectors and a handful of dealers, heirs to collections often know no one. When it comes to Asian art, I haven't met a lawyer or executor yet possessing an understanding of the complexity of this particular market. Its very different than handling a few good pieces of American furniture, European paintings and oriental rugs. 

Recognizing you need a specialist is the first step, not the local antique shop or some regional auctioneer who can't tell the difference between Langyao and Copper Red, or Famille Rose from Doucai or 19thC. from 12thC.. It's an impossible task to do well if you haven't done it for decades. 

Knowing all of these things well can very often be the difference between hundreds and tens of thousand of dollars and at times hundreds of thousands or more. 

Questions have to be answered

Which are the good pieces? Which are the really great ones? How much does a repair or crack influence price? Who and where are the best buyers? After a short while for the in-experienced it can all get very frustrating. Even long term collectors can find the task daunting and even be intimidated by the process. 
Pair of FAmille Verte Foo Lions on Plinths
Early 19th C. Chinese
Famille Verte Foo Lions

Why Us? Its pretty simple,

We Have a Very LONG Track Record of Success

After 35 years we have handled tens of thousands of successful transactions across the USA and globally. We know how and most importantly who to approach. We know our customers and what they want and what they covet at times. We also know when an auction is the right route to go and when it's dangerous. So, when we titled this post "Selling Chinese Porcelain and Art Collections, From Boston to Shanghai", we really mean it, literally.

Today our customers from New York to Beijing or Paris can be reached in minutes, complete with photos, measurements and descriptions. Payments can be made quickly, through a variety of methods from Wire Transfers, Credit Cards to Pay Pal. Many banks also offer Peer to Peer payment systems for large amounts as well. We pay our consignors within 24 days by any method you prefer.

Ming Floral Decorated Jar or Guan
Chinese Ming Dynasty Guan, 17th C.
In addition to knowing Chinese and Asian antiques inside and out, we also have a strong working knowledge of world wide shipping and international regulations regarding works of art. We have our own packing and shipping department and ship directly nearly everything we sell to ensure safe transit. Not infrequently other dealers and collectors ask us as a favor to handle difficult shipping issues for them.

These relationships, our knowledge and long experience is what we bring to the table for every relationship we establish with our customers whether they are estates, heirs or executors.
We are here to help, if you're in New England or Southern California or Europe we can do can help and advise you, as we  have for hundreds of customer over the years. Today, many families are now multi-generational customers.

"When you work with us, you will always talk with a member of the Combs family, we are and have always been family owned and run. Since 1978."

 Thank you, Peter Combs

Selling Chinese Porcelain and Art Collections, From Boston to Shanghai

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