Chinese Porcelain, Bronzes, Carpets, Paintings From North Shore and New England Estates

A brief look at Chinese Porcelain, Bronzes, Carpets, Paintings  From North Shore and New England Estates

Over the years a common question folks ask me is, what kinds of Chinese porcelain and objects are you likely to find in houses in New England? Fortunately our area is rich in dense pockets of Asian and in particular Chinese and Japanese art. Most of it remains from simply having been passed down from family member to family member as estates are settled and heirs take possession quietly from generation to generation. Its the ultimate in trickle down ownership.

Nearly all of it arrived here during the period of 1790 to 1930.  140 years of  trade with the far east interrupted a few times by the war of 1812, Civil War and WWI. Interestingly during the early years most of what was brought here was newly made for the European and American markets.  By the late 19th and early 20th C. tastes had broadened around the world including New England and the objects of desire from China and Japan became much earlier examples, from the early Qing Dynasty Circa 1720 back to the Tang Dynasty Circa 800 AD and before. In Europe their period of trade with Asia is even a longer period of time starting nearly 300 years earlier during the Ming Dynasty around 1517 AD. By 1602 with the formation of the VOC  the Dutch East India Company it all went into high gear like never before.

With all this, after thousands of ships over hundreds of years, carrying millions of tons of cargo its no surprise thousands of non consumable items are left in tact, i.e. Silks, Jades, Porcelain, Carvings and paintings. As family's downsize they trickle into the market, we're very glad they do.

Qianlong Lotus bowl
Qianlong Period Famille Rose Bowl
So, here are a few of the things we've seen, bought, sold and enjoyed since 1979.

As time permits we'll put up more...much more.

Get in touch with me if you want to know more, or get help in selling an item.

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Chinese Porcelain, Bronzes, Carpets, Paintings  From North Shore and New England Estates
Chinese Porcelain, Bronzes, Carpets, Paintings  From North Shore and New England Estates

Export Porcelain China Trade
Late 18th C. Chinese Export Chocolate Pot
China trade teapot 18th C
Chinese Export Grisaille Tea Pot for the European market 
Yongzheng Famille Rose Charger
Chinese Famille Rose Export Charger, Yongzheng period
Kangxi Period blue and white Kendi
Kangx Period Blue and White Kendi, Circa 1710

Chinese Export teapot
Late 18th C. Chinese Export Porcelain Tea pot
Wucai wanli jar
Late Ming Wucai Decorated Chinese Jar
Famille Jaune famille vert vase
Pair of Chinese Famille Jaune Vases, 18" tall, Circa 1890
Kakiemon plate japanese
Japanese Kakiemon Plate with Crackle Glaze, Circa 1690
Rouge de fer Chinese export porcelain
Rouge de Fur Qianlong Plates, Qianlong Period
Rare ming jar and lid
Ming Jiajing Period Covered Jar ( 1521–1567)
Kangxi kesi panel
Early Qing Dynasty Kesi Panel, 18th C. 
Chinese qianlong foo lion rug
Qianlong Period Foo Lion Carpet, Circa 1750
Qianlong court scroll painting
Qianlong period Colors on Silk Painting, 18th C.  
Scroll After Castiglione
Qianlong blue and white export platter
Fine Blue and White China Trade Platter, 18th C. 

ming Buddha porcelain statue

kangxi Famille verte figure
Fine Kangxi period Famille Verte on Bisuit Ho Ho Boy

Qing dynasty bronze quanyin
Qing Dynasty Cast Bronze

Pair Chinese famille jaune vases with verte enamels
Qing Dynasty Famille Jaune Enamel vase, 19th C. 

Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Plate
Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Plate, Circa 1860

Famille Rose Bowl
Chinese 18th C. Famille Rose Bowl

Chinese Export Plates with Monogram plcombs
Late 18th Early 19th C. Chinese Export Plates with Monogram

Tea dust glaze Yongzheng Bowl north shore
Yongzheng Period (1723-1735) Tea Dust Glaze Bowl 

Song celadon Massachusetts collection
Late Song Dynasty Celadon Bowl, 12th C.

chinese blue and white vase Boston massachusetts collection
Late 18th to early 19th C. Chinese Blue and White vase

Youngzheng famille rose vases, Beverly Mass collection
Pair of Fine Famille Rose vases, (1723-1735)

Famille Rose export vase, Boston collection
Famille Rose Mandarin Decorated vase, Circa 1835
Boston North Shore collection Chinese art
Late 19th C. Chinese Famille Verte On Biscuit Lion
Chinese Jun vase Hamilton Collection
Yuan to Early Ming Period Chinese Jun Double Gourd Vase

Pair Chinese Transitional vase manchester Mass collection
Fine Pair Chinese Transitional Period Vases early 17th C. 
Massachusetts collection Kangxi period bowl
Kangxi Period Blue and White Jardiniere, Circa 1680 

Famille Rose porcelain box Boston collection
Fine Pair of 19th C. Famille Rose Chinese Porcelain Boxes

Chinese flambe glaze yixing vase Dupont family collection
18th C. Flambe Glazed Chinese Yixing Meiping vase

Chinese rare famille verte bowl Beverly massachusetts
Kangxi Period Famille Verte Bowl, Circa 1700

rare arita bowl Massachusetts collection
Fine 18th C. Japanese Arita Blue and White Bowl
North SHore Collection Chinese blanc de chine rhino cup
Fine Chinese Blanc de Chine Libation Cup, 18th C. 

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