Ebay Asian Antiques Weekly Magazine Newsletter

The BidAmount Weekly EBAY Magazine Newsletter Is Now Online

Ebay Asian Antiques Weekly Magazine Newsletter
Large Ming Dynasty Longquan Celadon, sold on eBay
As many of you know for last few years we have been publishing through our other website BidAmount.com  weekly EBAY Newsletter and Watchlist. 

It's been very well received by both buyer's and collectors of Chinese and asian Antiques and much appreciated by sellers on eBay. 

The original purpose was pretty simple. 

  • To present eBay users globally better choices of authentic Chinese and Asian antiques being sold there. 

Before doing the Newsletter we had been doing it informally for ourselves and friends for quite a while, but only letting them know with emails each week by sending out links. Anyway, a couple years ago, we started the BidAmount Asian Antiques Newsletter Watchlist for free to anyone wanting to receive it.  For us it's fun to do,

It is still free and goes out every Saturday night once the site is updated. 

For those of you who are new to us, welcome! 
Ming Yixing Inscribed Teapot
Ming Yixing Inscribed Teapot, sold on eBay

Asian Antiques Weekly Magazine Newsletter, Has Grown

Over time, the Newsletter got too large and could no longer be eMailed very well. So we created a section on the BidAmount site devoted to it. 

We still send out a weekly notice with images,to let subscribers know it's been updated for the coming week. 
Bidamount Newsletter magazine online Chinese Art
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The Weekly Newsletter email is linked directly back to the full newsletter now on the site.

New Features on the BidAmount Asian Antiques Weekly Magazine Newsletter

Now that size is no longer a problem, we have added a wide range of new features, in addition to the 500 to 800 eBay items we find each week.
  • Featured Items for the week. Special things that caught our eye. 
  • A weekly blog about Chinese and Asian antiques.  
  • Price results area for the highlights and things of interest each week, 
  • News Feed that updates automatically about things happening in the Asian art world and Asian culture. 
  • Access to no longer available and upcoming catalogs of auctions at Christie's, Bonhams as well as exhibitions by major dealers and museums. 
  • Asian Antiques Weekly Magazine Newsletter
    Yongzheng Mark and Period Dish, sold on ebay
  • Books you can buy that we've selected as essentials for collectors on Amazon. 
  • Direct access to our own preferred sellers and their current listings, some of whom are also featured in the newsletter each week. 
  • Direct access to our video library for examining and identifying authentic Chinese objects with real examples.

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Asian Antiques Weekly Magazine
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