Selling Chinese Antiques; Porcelain, Jades, Bronzes

About Selling Chinese Antiques or Consigning Porcelain, Jades, Bronzes

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Are you selling Chinese Antiques? If this is the case, we are possibly exactly who you've been looking for. We've been dealers and appraisers of Asian antiques going back to the late 1970's. During the past 36 plus years we've sold collections on behalf of estates and heirs from nearly every state in the union, as well as more than a few in Europe and Asia. Many of our customers have been with us for years and today we are selling things we originally helped them acquire decades ago. 

Today we are among the two oldest Asian art dealers in New England and among the top few with as many years in the business in the United States. 

Selling Chinese Antiques
plcombs, Asian and Chinese Antiques, Gloucester, MA
We buy single items or entire collections outright, sell on consignment and act as agents on behalf of buyers and sellers. We also perform appraisals for estates, equitable distributions and insurance coverage.

  • Helping you make decisions.

We can answer your questions, "should we put things in an auction?", "we contacted Christie's and Sotheby's and they both suggested contacting local auctioneer instead", "why do auction houses charge so much?", "how do we sell and be in control of the price?", "how long does it take to sell for a good price" , and on and on. 

We know through decades of experience not all objects sell well in the same environment. Some Chinese art and antiques are ideal auction candidates and worth the heavy fees charged, others require patience and should be sold at a fixed price while waiting for the right buyer. Other items can be sold immediately for excellent prices to specialty dealers working with an eager collector who is ready right now. Or perhaps directly to an advanced collector already the dominant buyer for a particular type of item. 

  • Understanding how the asian art market works is a complicated endeavour that requires decades of active, daily involvement. We have been doing it since Jimmy Carter was President when China began first opening up to the west.  If you have questions and would like to talk with about what you need, please feel free to contact us. 

The Chinese Art and Antiques Market Today

Selling Chinese Antiques; Porcelain, Jades, Bronzes
Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue and White Porcelains
Selling Chinese Antiques; Its no secret in the world of art and antiques the Asian art market for Chinese antiques including porcelains, bronzes, jades, scrolls and silks has never been stronger.  In the last fifteen years as the American furniture and decorative art market has pretty much collapsed, on the other side of the world China's appetite for their own cultural relics and art has been blossoming. 

All of this is happening thanks to the rapid rise of the Chinese economy, increased disposable incomes, coupled with a desire by mainland Chinese collectors to re-acquire and repatriate objects for private collections throughout the country. Many have built their own private museums, Shanghai alone has over 50 of them. 

This is very good news if you're contemplating or need to sell virtually any form of Chinese antique.

The Future of the Chinese Antiques and Art Market

Will it last? is it a bubble? In a word "probably" and yes it's a "bubble" of sorts. While the massive regular annual price increases of the last 10 or 15 years seems to have subsided and levelled off, which is only normal and perhaps healthy after such a long run up. I doubt prices will be rolling back much if at all anytime soon. The overall demand there has remained consistent in most categories. 

As with all maturing art markets, buyer's are however becoming more selective which as a result dampens upward pressure on the overall market. This condition has been fairly evident for the last couple years, with the exception of demand for the absolute very best of the best when they become available. Then "the gloves come off" and the top buyer's emerge with their vast wallets to do battle for the prize. 

So for now we see a stable market, with some room for upward price movement, with relatively minor adjustments downward in a few areas. All in all, its a good situation. 

At plcombs Asian Art and Antiques. We can make selling Chinese antiques a lot less complicated, its what we do. 

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