19th C. Guangxu Tea Dust Vase, Mark and of the Period

19th C. Guangxu Tea Dust Vase, Mark and of the Period

Fine Imperial Guangxu Chinese Tea Dust Glaze Vase at Auction on eBay

They do not come along very often, but on occasion an example of this quality appear. We are selling this one on behalf of an estate here in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. This fine vase has belonged to the family since it was purchased in Italy during the 1930's. Its has since been inherited by the original purchaser's daughter and now the granddaughters. Currently it is being sold at auction on Ebay...


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19th C. Chinese Guangxu Tea Dust Glaze vase, Mark and of the Period,  (1875-1908) 

  • We are pleased to offer an exceptionally rare late 19th C. vase with exceptional color, fine glaze and superb shaped. It is in pristine condition. The foot is un-glazed and extremely smooth to touch, the bottom is glazed and centered by two columns of incised script denoting the mark and period within a lighter glazed rectangular panel. Height 13 inches, perfect condition.

Provenance: This vase was purchased in Italy during the early 1930's by Paolo Venini, the founder of the Venini Glass Company in Venice located on the island of Murano. Thence by decent through the family to his daughter (in 1959) here in America and is being sold on behalf of his two granddaughters.
19th C. Guangxu Tea Dust Vase, Mark and of the Period

13" Chinese Guangxu Mark and Period Tea Dust vase

Glaze of Tea Dust vase

Glaze, Chinese Tea Dust vase 

Detail image of foot and mark Guangxu Period

Gungxu Imperial reign mark

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