Chinese Ming Dynasty Buddhist Painting, circa 16th C.

  Chinese Ming Dynasty Buddhist Painting, circa 16th C.
Massive Ming Dynasty Buddhist School Portrait
of the Xuande Emperor (1425-1435)
A while ago we were able to purchase from an estate on Beacon Hill in Boston this terrific Ming Dynasty Chinese painting.  Its an exceptionally well done image, very large and Classically executed in construct, color and symbolism. A style that faded out during the Qing dynasty.

Very few of these paintings appear on the American or European markets as most have either been repatriated to Chinese collections or long ago lost due to damage.

The details are exceptional throughout and are rendered in soft pleasing tones on silk. He is surrounded by billowing clouds beneath a Buddhist canopy and surrounded by two attendants and four acolytes as he sits on his celestial throne. Some typical losses to the paint and silk, detail images are available.

For more information please feel to contact us:
at 978-283-3524
$44,000, Trade inquiry's are of course welcome.

Size: Sight/image size 63.5" tall x 37" wide.
Overall size including frame; 67.5" tall and 41" wide.
The painting weighs 44 pounds including frame and glass.
Ming Dynasty Buddhist Painting

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